While developing Palanan, we realized there was too much learn, to much to do, and not enough time. There are many ways to help make incremental changes, so we've settled on some principles over time so we can hone in on key areas. Note, our opinions change with new information, so just as moving towards zero waste is a journey, so is our understanding of where we can make a change, and what the next principled steps are.

Plastic Free Products

Plastic is cheap. Plastic is convenient. But plastic harms everything and everyone. From the environmental impact of carbon emissions, single-use plastic pollution, and microplastics being ingested by humans and animals, plastic - there's just too much damage than good when it comes to plastic. Palanan is committed to find plastic-free alternatives that can support a more sustainable lifestyle. We know there's still a long road to transforming our single-use plastic behavior, but if there are sustainable products and techniques that can be as commonplace as plastic, we will advocate for that!


We at Palanan don't want things to last forever - in landfills and oceans! Our products are within two categories: single-use and reusable. Single-use This line of products is intended to replace many plastic items that are our only options so far. Governments around the world are beginning to discuss banning common single-use plastic items like straws, cutlery, packaging, and more. Our products will be compostable in 2 of the 3 zones, within 180 days. No worries if they end up in the compost pile, the landfill, or in a body of water. It will break down. Reusable This line of products is also intended to replace plastics in your home, but also use materials that are compostable, but on a longer timescale. Ideally, they will be made with carbon-consuming materials. All products will be reusable for up to 5 years (depending on use). And after its life span will also biodegrade.

Science Based

While it's awesome that consumers are more aware of environmental issues, most of us could get lost in the process of trying to refine our sustainable practices. What does it mean to be environmentally friendly? Are natural materials always better than plastic? And what does it take to create a sustainable society? Here at Palanan, we treat science as a guidepost - evidence and empirical results will show which way to go. While we are by no means the authority on sustainability and zero waste. But, what we can do is SHARE THE LATEST research relevant to our pursuits! Of course, there will be new findings in what's beneficial for the environment, and so we'll keep track of information changes as we go along. Plus, if you have any topic that you're keen to learn more about, you can let us know and we'll dive deep into it.

No Gatekeeping

So, here's the truth about sustainability and being environmentally friendly: THERE. IS. NO. SINGLE. RIGHT WAY. This is precisely why there are endless discussions about these concepts - because there's so much more to learn! What we thought of was right 30 years ago may no longer be true now, and vice versa.

We want to emphasize that going just one route won't solve our environmental concerns. Considering the economic, environmental, and societal impact means satisfying our wellbeing while preserving irreplaceable resources for future generations. It will always require a multi-faceted approach.

And that's the beauty in journeying to low impact and sustainability: there are so many avenues to discover, and it could look different on you and me. And that's okay.

Drop element here!

Whether you are starting off on a discovery of the science, the impact you can make, or just like a nice soap bar, we encourage you to join in the discussion, and develop your own principles.

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