Our Story

Palanan is a completely no-waste brand that is dedicated to helping people on their journey to zero-waste, through education, research, and eco-friendly products. Founded by lovers of nature, we’re on a mission to cultivate a community mindful of their waste. 

With over a decade of consumer-facing experience, we began to recognize the pernicious effects of our unsustainable habits. The way we shop, eat, and clean is evidence of a large carbon footprint. Our feelings were confirmed when our home countries, Taiwan and Canada, began to ban plastics. It became clear that consumer mindsets were gradually shifting, so we created a brand that we know can take part.

We know you want to do your part for the environment, but clever marketing, limited choices, poor quality, and matters of convenience make it difficult. That’s where we step in. 

After noticing a significant lack of quality eco-friendly alternatives, we sought to close that gap. We present effective, sustainable solutions for your home, focussed on bathroom and kitchen. Unlike their counterparts, our products are reusable, making it easy to develop environmentally friendly habits. The Palanan team is composed of materials experts who have years of experience under their belts, conducting extensive research on the latest changes in science to ensure we remain a brand you can trust. 

We also draw inspiration from the world around us. While planning our action during a stay on Ali Mountain in Taiwan, we spoke with family members in the Zhou tribe and re-discovered their handicrafts, marveling over their completely natural contents. One item particularly piqued our curiosity. The palanan, a back-mounted basket, inspired our brand name, as it symbolizes the weight lifted when we join forces to create a more sustainable environment.

With Palanan, we are working to learn how to reduce our waste, and in the process, we hope to help people like yourself too. Join us in the process. 

Common Reed

Phragmites Australis, also called the common reed, is a type of perennial grass that grows in North America and Asia. The aquatic grass is robust and can grow up to 4 meters high.

Now, instead of letting this invasive species just grow anywhere, we found an interesting way to use them. Because it has such a tough, hollow culm (stem), these can be used as biodegradable drinking straws! And what’s cool is that there are even different diameter sizes in just one stem! We separate the wider diameter to make straws that are perfect for boba teas, and we also have the average-sized straw for drinks.

The best part - they’re BOTH reusable and throwaways. Without hurting the environment, of course.


Can you bend and not break? We don’t know about you, but bamboo definitely can!

Growing abundantly all over the world, bamboo is a durable type of grass that surpasses other plant fibers and even hardwood species.

From its smaller carbon impact, rapid growth (3 years compared to 30 years in forest trees), and higher tensile strength, bamboo is a great sustainable alternative to plastic and wood. It’s simply awesome.

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