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Zero Waste Toothpaste: The Lowdown on 3 Options
Why consider zero waste toothpaste? Here are facts about it plus three different options to choose from.
What are Phthalates and How Can I Avoid Them?
Phthalates are chemicals in plastics that have been linked to health disorders. Learn more about them in this article.
Eco-Friendly Bed Sheet Brands for Your Good Night’s Sleep
Polyester has mircoplastic, and isn’t sustainable. Here are eco-friendly, plastic free bed sheet brands we recommend!
Sustainable Fashion: The Lowdown and Our Top Canadian Brands
Here’s the lowdown on sustainable fashion and which top Canadian brands to shop!
What You Need to Know About the Recycling Lie
We all know about recycling. But research suggests that recycling is just a ploy to keep consumption going. Read our article to learn about the recycling lie.
Zero Waste Mother's Day Gifts to Surprise Mom!
Here are a few of our zero waste mother’s day gifts worth considering, to surprise Mom this year!
5 Zero Waste Products Swaps For Your Bathroom!
Here are some easy plastic-free, zero waste product swaps for your bathroom that’ll mean less waste.
Zero Waste Hack: Start with Stopping Your Junk Mail
Want to know how bad junk mail is for the environment? And how to stop receiving it? Read on for this simple zero waste hack!
7 Common Myths About Sustainability We Need to Set Straight
Sustainability is definitely the buzz these days. But what exactly is it? It’s important that we learn what are the common myths surrounding sustainability. Read on to find out
5 Ways to Recycle Single-Use Plastic (Aside from Storage)
We’re a long way from a package-free and plastic-free life. If single-use plastic isn’t thrown away, it can serve a better purpose. Here are some creative ways to recycle single-use plastic bags and bottles.

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