Fall Into a Zero Waste Habit With These 5 Tips for Autumn
Crunchy leaves, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin-flavored things – is there anything better than fall?  There’s something about the season that reminds...
Why Does the U.S. Have Twice As Much Emissions Compared to European Countries?
Find out what lifestyle factors make the U.S. have higher greenhouse gas emissions than Europe!
California First Worldwide to Test Drinking Water for Microplastics
California passed a policy guide for testing microplastics in drinking water sources - the first state in the world to do so! Learn more here.
5 Practical Ways to Lessen Microplastic Absorption

How can people avoid microplastics when they are everywhere? Here are our 5 practical suggestions to lessen microplastic absorption in the body!

3 Eco-Friendly Myths That Discourage Beginners
Being eco-friendly takes effort, but some practices may set people up for failure instead of encouraging the habit. Read 3 eco friendly myths here.
F*ck Cars? Air Pollution Exposure While Driving Higher Than Walking
If you’re wary of walking or biking because you don’t want air pollution, you could rethink that. Research suggest active commuters are less exposed to pollutants than those who drive! Read this article to find out more.
6 Plant-Based Milk Substitutes Reviewed
Milk is one of the most essential staple foods, but there are sustainable and dietary issues with animal milk. Here are six of the healthiest plant-based milk substitutes reviewed!
Can We Eat Meat and Still Be Eco-Friendly?
If there’s one easy way to practice individual responsibility, it is with meat consumption. Here are ways to eat meat and still be eco-friendly.
What Are Microplastics? And Why Should I Give A Sh*t?

Read our article discussing what are microplastics, and what the findings are about how it affects our health.


Why Shop at Zero Waste Grocery Store or Community Co-op?

Community co-op stores are owned by the very people who shop and work at the store. These stores can reduce packaging and promote a closed-loop economy. Read more about why you should choose a co-op as your zero-waste grocery store.


Even Remote Regions Like Antarctica Have Microplastics
Scientists have discovered microplastics in Antarctica snow samples, the first time the plastic particles have been as dense as this in the continent. Read more here.
5 Ways We Consume Microplastics (Without Trying!)
Microplastics are literally everywhere! Here are five ways we consume microplastics and nanoplastics without even trying.  

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