5 Zero Waste Products Swaps For Your Bathroom!
Here are some easy plastic-free, zero waste product swaps for your bathroom that’ll mean less waste.
Zero Waste Hack: Start with Stopping Your Junk Mail
Want to know how bad junk mail is for the environment? And how to stop receiving it? Read on for this simple zero waste hack!
7 Common Myths About Sustainability We Need to Set Straight
Sustainability is definitely the buzz these days. But what exactly is it? It’s important that we learn what are the common myths surrounding sustainability. Read on to find out
5 Ways to Recycle Single-Use Plastic (Aside from Storage)
We’re a long way from a package-free and plastic-free life. If single-use plastic isn’t thrown away, it can serve a better purpose. Here are some creative ways to recycle single-use plastic bags and bottles.
How to Actually Recycle Properly
Do you have time to recycle? Learn what you need to know about recycling at home, from what can be recycled to how to recycle properly.
Our Zero Waste Store Finder
Zero waste stores are everywhere across US and Canada. Find a zero waste store near you with our Zero Waste Store Finder.
Is Frozen Food More Eco-Friendly? What the Research Says
Is frozen food more eco-friendly? While it won’t ever be as appealing as fresh produce, frozen food can help lessen food waste and curb emissions. Read about it here
Food Waste as Jet Fuel? A Sustainable Option for Aviation
Researchers have found how to convert food waste into jet engine fuel for commercial airlines. Read about how this finding creates a sustainable option for the aviation industry
Top 5 Things to Know When Composting At Home!
Planning to make composting at home part of your routine? Read this article to learn the top 5 things you should know before starting a compost
Compostable Products: What They Are and What to Look For
Composting is one of the five R’s in zero waste: rotting. Compostable products are made to break down back to the earth. Learn what compostables are and what you can look for when searching for such products
Is Bamboo Sustainable? Facts and Myths!
Is bamboo sustainable? Learn more about bamboo myths versus facts about its sustainability. Discover the truth behind this popular plastic-free alternative
4 Lesser Known Reasons Why to Have A Plastic-Free Home
Read about four reasons for going for a plastic free home. With the rising cases of plastic-related diseases and problems, choosing to go plastic-free can help you and your family

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