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Our Zero Waste Store Finder

Reducing our plastic consumption and making our consumption loop smaller (within the community) is a great way to promote a sustainable lifestyle. After all, we as consumers understand that every product used at home and in the office uses natural resources.

Why Shop at a Zero Waste Store

Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

Zero-waste stores are created to address the need for lower impact consumption. These stores provide local goods and support farmers, beekeepers, soap makers, and other suppliers. Less consumption related to shipping and transport of non-local goods means less carbon footprint!

Aside from closing the loop helping local goods circulate within the economy, one main feature of zero waste stores is reducing single-use plastic packaging.

Certain items and produce that can be sold in bulk aren’t individually packaged - instead, sellers allow customers to weigh goods and use their own bags and storage when buying items.

There's nothing like walking into a shop, grabbing what you require without contributing added plastic to landfills!

Zero waste stores don’t carry mass-produced options. Suppliers here aren’t from giant corporations. You’ll have your pick of local brands, co-op member suppliers, seasonal farm goods, and local artisanal products.

Find a Zero Waste Store Near Me !

There are wonderful benefits to shopping at a zero waste or co-op store - and there are so many great options to choose from!

We have scoured the U.S. and Canada for these shops that offer plastic-free, bulk shopping, zero waste products, and eco-friendly options. Check out our Zero Waste Store Finder on this website to find a store near you.

Browse by country, state, and city - and discover local plastic and packaging-free stores, BYOB friendly places, and more sustainable products near you! Click on your area to check the options nearest your place.

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