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Packaging is so boring, and usually gets discarded immediately. But we like the boring stuff because it is where others are overlooking opportunities for innovation. Here we review our current principles of packaging development. This covers both products packaging, and shipping packaging. In short, we want to be package free where we can, and minimalist where we can't.

No Packaging, if possible

Packaging keeps products fresh, intact, and protected - and they’re a big marketing feature too! BUT! Packaging also ends up being a major waste contributor everywhere. That’s because it is generally considered throwaway stuff once the products contained in them are used! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that packaging comprises a major portion of total municipal solid waste, up to about 28.1% of waste in landfills

Here at Palanan, our default for products is package free, where it is safe for our customers. Think out of the box, literally. We ensure the quality and durability of our select products, that can arrive safely to you when shipped minus unnecessary packaging. For shipping packaging, our team has come up with a solution that has the lowest volume of paper to arrive to you intact.

Sustainable paper

Our brand is committed to producing goods that are TRULY BIODEGRADABLE. Now, biodegradable isn’t the same for every material - some degrade in a few months, while others need thousands of years to fully decay!

 All paper packaging is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). This stamp ensures that the paper we use supports responsible forest management, and uses controlled wood sourced ethically and responsibly. We use FSC MIX paper, which is made from a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, controlled wood, and recycled materials.

Plastic free

Single-use plastic is popular for a reason. They’re cheap and versatile. But our reliance to single-use plastic packaging has made it among the most common waste material in landfills and oceans. The consequences are dire, too: it affects our oceans, wildlife, and our health.

If you buy from us, you won’t be contributing to the single-plastic pile. Clamshells, spacers, wrap, and what have you - we won’t be using these plastic packaging when we send Palanan goods your way.

Compact for lower impact

We can’t completely do away with packaging, but what we can strive for is to enhance reusability, stackability, and just make things more space-saving. No empty spaces, just the most compact option there is. It takes effort and innovation but having more efficient packaging saves on resources required for shipping and storage, plus minimizes waste. These, in turn, would enable us to offer products that are a lower impact. 

As lightweight as possible

Low-impact usually means low-weight! We offer products that are designed to be as lightweight as possible. Think bars or powders instead of liquids, and other such options. Our packaging will follow the same mantra, as well as being as lightweight as possible without sacrificing quality and durability.

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