Japanese Scientists Invent Paper Coating to Replace Plastic
To curb excessive plastic use, Japanese scientists invent paper coating Choetsu that can give paper plastic-like properties. Read about it here.
Plant Parent? How to Make Indoor Plants Eco-Friendly!
Indoor plants are as popular as ever. Here are our tips on how to make these house plants more eco-friendly!
Are Shampoo Bars Better? Here Are Our Picks For Different Hair Needs
Shampoos and conditioners seem harmless. But the additives, the liquid shipping, and the plastic packaging of these products are unsustainable. Here are shampoo bar alternatives!
Microplastics in Human Blood: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Vethaak
Microplastics are found in human blood. Read about the ground-breaking discovery, and how Dr. Dick Vethaak of the Dutch Health Organization explains the implications of this finding.
Palanan Joins Plastic Soup Foundation!
Palanan joins Plastic Soup Foundation to keep moving toward a lower-impact, plastic-free life!
Plastic Free Fabrics Reviewed!
When we choose plastic-free fabrics, we promote more sustainable options for people and the earth. Here are the top plastic-free fabrics in the market.
Zero Waste Toothpaste: The Lowdown on 3 Options
Why consider zero waste toothpaste? Here are facts about it plus three different options to choose from.
What are Phthalates and How Can I Avoid Them?
Phthalates are chemicals in plastics that have been linked to health disorders. Learn more about them in this article.
Eco-Friendly Bed Sheet Brands for Your Good Night’s Sleep
Polyester has mircoplastic, and isn’t sustainable. Here are eco-friendly, plastic free bed sheet brands we recommend!
Sustainable Fashion: The Lowdown and Our Top Canadian Brands
Here’s the lowdown on sustainable fashion and which top Canadian brands to shop!
What You Need to Know About the Recycling Lie
We all know about recycling. But research suggests that recycling is just a ploy to keep consumption going. Read our article to learn about the recycling lie.
Zero Waste Mother's Day Gifts to Surprise Mom!
Here are a few of our zero waste mother’s day gifts worth considering, to surprise Mom this year!

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