Zero Waste Mother's Day Gifts to Surprise Mom!


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Mother's Day is a beautiful time to get something fancy for our beloved moms, but it doesn't have to be an event that burdens our Mother Earth even more. And since some people may still be on the fence about taking mom out for a luxe spa date or a well-deserved salon trip, it may be better to stick to zero waste products - or activities - Mom can enjoy at home.

Zero Waste Mother’s Day Gifts 

There are a lot of zero waste brands with products that are more ethical, sustainable and can spur on an environmental mindset to the one special person we'll be celebrating this day! 

Here are a few of our zero waste mother's day gifts ideas worth considering:

For the Active Mom: Girlfriend Collective Leggings 

How can daily movement be even better? Wear something sustainable! Most moms nowadays appreciate premium athleisure they can don and feel comfortable (and cute) in all day long.

Girlfriend Collective is a high-end but low-impact brand that produces leggings, bras, and tops made from recycled water bottles (PET or PET type of plastic). Their recycled yarn, engineered in Taiwan and made into activewear apparel in Vietnam, cuts down on petroleum and keeps water bottles from landfills. According to their count, all leggings is made from 25 bottles! How cool is that? 

For the Mom Who Needs A Self-Care Sesh: EarthHero Gift Box

Yes, we know that self-care is more than just lighting candles and drawing a lovely bath. But how bad can a day of pampering be? If you're looking to give a fantastic relaxation kit for your mom, check out this Self Care Gift Box from EarthHero.

The gift set includes a bamboo charcoal soap bar, plant-based clay mask, bath salts, herbal lotion bar, and to top everything off a non-toxic soy candle. The whole works! All these products are paraben-free and use ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

For the Mindful Mom: Jade Yoga Mats  


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Gift a tool for mindfulness with a new eco-friendly yoga mat! Jade is a brand that produces mats that are durable, beautiful, and are completely free of PVC, EVA, and synthetic rubber. Why get rid of these things? Well, PVC is among the most difficult types of plastic to recycle, and EVA is a plastic made of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Also, hard to reuse or recycle.

Jade yoga mats are US-made, and aligns their practices with the environmental, labor, and consumer rights regulations. And for every purchase, you can plant a tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future. Sun salutations are in order!

For the Luxury Brand Mom: The Revury Online Store

How to be fashion but keep in the spirit of zero waste mother's day gifts? Go vintage or second hand!

Fast fashion has impacted the environment in a massive way, with about 10% of emissions linked to the industry. And what's sad is that 85% of these products end up trashed! Yikes.

Our moms deserve higher quality, long lasting clothing and accessories. And the good news is, these don't necessarily have to be newly manufactured items. Shopping at consignment stores, like The Revury, gives you a diverse selection of pre-owned luxury goods, from a Chanel quilted bag to a classic cashmere sweater. 

You can make the shopping a bonding occasion with Mom, and build a capsule wardrobe together!

For the "Spirited" Mom: Scout & Cellar Wines

Wine is many a working mom's way of putting on relax mode. Around 49% of premium wine drinkers are women, so it makes sense to get a more sustainable option - that's perfect as a zero waste Mother's Day gift. 


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Check out Scout & Cellar, a brand that offers clean-crafted wines made without synthetic pesticides, artificial sugars, and processing aids. Their standards also strictly limit the preservative sulfite to 110ppm - as sulfite has been known to trigger allergic reactions. The brand also foregoes foil wrapping on the bottle, and uses reused and compostable packaging for shipping.

You can send Mom a few different wines from Scout & Cellar's Auto-Sip shipping program that delivers right at her doorstep. 

For the Kitchen Master Mom: Caraway Home Cookware 

Sleek and sexy - words we don't usually associate with kitchen products. But Caraway Home drives these home, and more! The affordable cookware and bakeware brand provides products with ceramic and mineral coating. None of the toxic materials leech off of these pans, such as PTFE (Teflon), lead, and cadmium, to name a few. 

Their manufacturing process is also more responsible: 60% less CO2 is released into the atmosphere compared to traditional non-stick cookware. The brand also ships plastic-free, using recycled cardboard and biodegradable cork trivets in their packaging. 

If your Mom loves cooking, gift cookware set so she can maximize the versatility and beautiful designs! And you'll have a full stomach, too.

For the Lovable, Center-of-our-Universe Mom: Royal Treatment 

Very few moms aren't overworked these days, and it's only right that they get a whole day to rest and reset. But you can forego extra expenses for this. Something as simple as cooking the entire day for her, cleaning the house, and just letting her put up her feet for a change. You're already giving something memorable and precious at the end of the day.  

What zero waste Mother's Day gifts are you leaning towards?

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