Palanan Joins Plastic Soup Foundation!

One of the missions here in Palanan is to engage in a community of like-minded groups and individuals. We want to keep moving toward a lower impact, plastic-free life.

We are proud and beyond excited to announce that our brand is now a partner - an Eco Angel -  of the Plastic Soup Foundation, an organization focused on campaigning about plastic's impact on health and the environment.

Plastic Soup Foundation is an international group based in The Netherlands. They aim to spread awareness and build on scientific data about the impact of plastic pollution in our marine systems.

Plastic soup evokes a strong image: our seas are filled with single-use plastic and plastic fishing materials. These litter swimming around get consumed by marine creatures or ensnare bigger animals. Experts predict there will be more plastic than fish by 2050. Indeed, the main cause of plastic soup is single-use plastics like packaging, straws, bottles, plastic film, and more.

And if that's not enough to cause concern, there's the serious issue of microplastics and nanoplastics proliferating our water and air.

While the situation is certainly dire, the best recourse is to dive deep into the plastic soup problem. And the first step is educating ourselves.

Once the science-based proof is out there, then we as organizations and as consumers could move to crafting solutions. Policies at the macro-level, commercial production, and everyday consumption - these can bring about change.

The key is to always base solutions on science. What we're aiming for are sustainable plastic-free solutions that will be doable for the everyday individual. And informing legislative action. These could ease the million metric tons of plastic pollution accumulating each year.

Corporations, governments, plastic consumers - everyone has the responsibility to curb plastic waste. The first step is to educate and bring awareness to people about the magnitude of the problem. Now that there's evidence plastic is in our very bloodstream, there's no better time than now to act.

Plastic Soup Foundation and our brand, Palanan, will work together to campaign for minimizing plastic waste. What underpins Palanan's philosophy is that all efforts placed in one humble palanan basket can carry the weight of the tasks all the way to the destination.

As an Eco Angel, Palanan will agree to:

  • spread awareness of the problem through campaigns, education, and news reporting
  • promote possible innovative solutions to help curb plastic soup at its source
  • support Plastic Soup Foundation actively to stop the increase of plastic pollution

We have the option to no longer contribute to the world's plastic soup. We can do more together, than alone!

To learn more about Plastic Soup Foundation, see their website here.

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