Canada’s Plastic-Free Law Moved to End of 2022
Single-use plastic is one of the biggest contributors to waste and carbon emissions. Read about how Canada’s ban on plastic straws and bags serves as a big step to curbing plastic
Zero Waste Stores: Your 6 Questions Answered
Curious to shop at a zero waste store near you? Here are some common questions that we’ve answered about these stores that offer something different from the typical grocery chain
Ever Heard of Fast Furniture? What It Is (And How to Choose Sustainable Furniture)
You’re familiar with fast fashion, but what about fast furniture? We’ve relied on these big box furniture for years now, but they’re far from sustainable. If you’re looking for sustainable furniture, here are our picks
Packaging Sin: Skincare Brand Innisfree’s “Paper” Bottle
It’s nice to see businesses making the change from plastic containers to biodegradable and compostable options. But there’s the risk of being misled, just like what happened to Innisfree’s paper bottle
Zero Waste Kitchen: 5 Simple Hacks You Can Do Today!
dTrying to cultivate zero-waste kitchen can be intimidating. But there are simple ways to start without buying new kits. Let’s talk about these five simple hacks
Zero Waste Life: 6 Pawsitive Practices For Pet Owners
Having a pet is priceless. But what can we do about the waste that comes with it? Let’s find out what zero waste life practices we can do for our beloved furbabies
Meaning of Sustainability (Plus What You Can Do!)
Sustainability: a big word with a whole set of philosophies behind it. Let’s look further into the meaning of sustainability, how it came about, and what steps we can take to put it into practice.
How to Manage E-Waste: Facts and Easy Hacks
In the zero waste movement, reusing and recycling plastic, glass, paper, and other materials have become the norm. But there’s less attention on e-waste. We share zero waste hacks on how to manage e-waste!
Zero Waste at Home: 7 Ways Parents Can Do It
Going zero waste at home is a big lifestyle change, but by involving the whole family instead of just you doing the work, it can actually be a lifelong learning experience. Here are ways parents can do it!
Good News: Coffee Waste Helps Forest Trees’ Growth
Coffee and that caffeine buzz help us function daily as adults. But who knew that trees could also benefit from coffee? Research suggests that using coffee waste enables tropical forest recovery
Shopper’s Guide: Here’s A List of Zero Waste Stores if You’re in Canada
Zero waste means making changes in how you shop. We’ve compiled a list of zero waste stores across Canada so you’ll know where to go and you’ll know what to expect.
How to Practice Sustainability in Everyday Life
We’re all encouraged to shift to be more sustainable in our everyday life. There are a number of ways we could develop the habit of practicing sustainability as the norm.

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