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Many share our vision for lowering waste, educating, and giving better alternatives for people. We have a growing group of partners, so reach out if you'd like to partner with us - Contact Us

National Zero Waste Council

The National Zero Waste Council is a Canadian founded group, based out of Vancouver, that is trying to help Canadian citizens, companies, NGO's, and the government in the transition to a circular economy. 

Their stated mission:

"To act collaboratively with business, government and the community, at the national and international level, as an agent of change for waste prevention and reduction in the design, production and use of goods."

Good API

The GoodAPI has partnered with Eden Reforestation Project to help fund the planting of trees around the world. From their website:

"At the center of our work is our relationships with local communities. We work alongside them to produce, plant, and protect tens of millions of trees every month, thereby creating jobs to support them in restoring their local environment and economy long-term. Working in extremely remote settings, our national directors lead these communities with grit and relentless determination through a range of challenges, from extreme weather and landslides, to poachers, bandits, and wild animals."

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