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How’s it going in your zero waste journey? Has it been exciting? Do certain practices come naturally to your family? What’s been the hardest thing to do?

The truth is, many are put off by the ZERO in zero waste. It’s just too much pressure to try and execute in our usual lifestyles!

Plastic cutlery, takeout boxes, junk mail, promotional freebies, coffee cups, single-use plastic packaging from online orders – the way we live makes it extremely difficult! But even if it’s such a pain in the ass to pull off, we have to repeat: your small actions do make a difference.

Economies are built on a demand/supply cycle. If we significantly reduce the demand for plastic, and wasteful products, promote more conscious consumption, and support biodegradable options, we could make strides towards ZERO.

We have a number of sustainability goals, that when combined with our 2 product types, will help, we hope, everyone in their quest to lower their impact.

Sustainability Goals

All of our product, regardless of the type, will meet the following goals that we have set out:


  • Be free of all toxins, as per the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and the Toxic Substances Control ACT (TSCA) in the United States
  • Be free of all chemicals that, we believe, should be banned, including but not limited to PHA and BHA
  • Not contain any phthalate-containing plastics (DEHP, DMP, DHP, etc)
  • Be compostable in at least 2 of 3 zones that waste normally end up in, which are oceans/lakes, the landfill, and home compost, as per the product type


  • Reusable and/or recyclable
  • No special facility required to biodegrade
  • Environmentally sound FSC paper
  • Most efficient design, meaning no unnecessary weight, size, extra material, or unused space

Product Types


This line of products is intended to replace many plastic items that are our only options. Governments around the world are beginning to discuss banning All products will be compostable in 2 of the 3 zones, within 180 days.

We will let you know on the product page with the below iconography.



This line of products is also intended to replace plastics in your home, but also use materials that are compostable, but on a longer timescale. Ideally, they will be made with carbon-consuming materials. All products will be reusable for up to 5 years (where applicable), and compostable after disposal.

Our First Product: Grass Straws

UPDATE: We launched the grass straws, and they are available here > 100 Grass Straws

Looking for another straw option besides metal? Introducing our grass straws.

These are made of grass called Bulrush, what we commonly see as cattails in swamps, meadows, and lakes. They’re abundant and can grow easily in these parts - a highly sustainable material.

Bulrush has a tough, hollow stem, making it perfect as a drinking straw.

With our grass straws, you have the option to either REUSE or SINGLE-USE without harming the environment.

Launch: Fall 2021

Our Second Product: Bamboo Toothbrush

Made from one piece of bamboo, our team is working on the finishing touches of the bamboo toothbrush. Featuring soft Mongolian horsehair bristles, everything in this item is compostable.

Launch: Fall 2021

Zero Waste Products: Innovate and Communicate

There are a number of other products currently in development that we can’t wait to share. We look forward to sharing updates about their development and when they launch. Keep an eye on our blog for more details, or subscribe to the newsletter.

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